Welcome to The power of you

Hello my name is Anne Jones.

anneI am a spiritual healer. I work with the healing powers of spirit love, which has the unique condition of being non-judgemental, all loving, all embracing – often referred to as unconditional love. I channel this energy to transform anger, guilt and bitterness and all energies that make us feel disconnected, judgemental, unhappy etc. These negative energies and the way they make us feel occur as a direct result of challenging and traumatic experiences. My intention is to help people heal these deep and disruptive imprints and scars.

I give guidance how to see the bigger picture of why the traumas and challenges come into your life and how you can manage to cope with the imprints while you heal them yourself. Inner scarring can lead to changes in personality, attitudes and coping behaviour which in themselves can create difficulties in your life.

In order to make my work and guidance more accessible I have created this website to focus on my workshops, e-courses, online group sessions and live events. You can also link to my blog where I share my insights and also answer your questions.

I look forward to meeting you either online, personally or through spirit connection through my books, CDs and YouTube videos.